Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pandan Kaya Roll

Hey there, i have been very active baking, cooking and eating lately...haha! Maybe after a week break, i miss my kitchen and the oven so much...;p
Anyway my daughter has been asking for breads, cookies...etc. etc....:) It was since after she recovered from her sickness. I think its a good sign, since she can eats! Well, she has been giving me her menu everyday....for her breakfast and dinner. No lunch....cause she used to have her lunch in school. Or else, i'll be in the kitchen the whole day...haha!

Today, she said she wants some bread to school tomorrow. Well, since all the while she had brought redbean buns to school, this time will have something different..:) Pandan Kaya Roll!
Hmm...she loves kaya, as same as my husband....except me..hee hee!
Last week i tried one of the recipe from my dear friend, honeybeesweet's Pandan Kaya loaf with crumble topping. It was great, her recipe was wonderful. The loaf was gone in 3 hours...haha! If any of you haven't try that yet, you should give it a try. Really delicious.
So today i want to try another recipe, its also pandan kaya bread, but its in small roll. This was from a book i have, "DIY Home Bread". It looks nice and simple, so decided to give it a try....

Here's the recipe..........
350g Bread flour
5g Milk powder
48g Sugar
1/2 tsp Salt
30g Egg
200g Cold Water
6g Instant yeast
3 drops Pandan flavour
20g Santan powder
30g Unsalted butter

* Some Pandan kaya
* Alittle melted butter, for coating at the end.
* Alittle dessicated coconut (optional)

~ Mix all ingredients together except butter and kaya.
~ When it forms almost a dough, add in butter
~ Knead until it forms a fine dough (if using a mixer, need about 10 minutes on high speed)
~ Cover and prove for 1 hour in a greased bowl.
~ Divide dough into 30g each, flatten the dough to allow air bubbles escape.
~ Spread alittle pandan kaya on the flatten dough, then roll up like a swiss roll
~ Arrange closely onto the greased tray and let prove another 30 minutes, until its well prove.
~ All the bun stripes should be stick to each other after proved, then spray some water on top of the buns
~ Pipe some kaya on top and spread some dessicated coconut on top if desire.
~ Bake at 180'C for 20-25 minutes.
~ Once baked, apply melted butter on the buns.
~ Place on wire rack to cool completely.

See the texture here...its really soft. the whole kitchen was filled with pandan kaya aroma....:)
My daughter once smell it....said 'YUMMY'! haha!

Of course i've brought some for my friends to test it out. Yup, they said nice....heehee!
Guess i have to make this again this weekend for my in-laws..;p Good-day...:)


  1. So yummy....I finish everything already.:P Next time make more for me, haha!

  2. Hey, BB....
    Haha! Pai-seh larr....
    You are much more better than me! Without you, my bread won't be that soft...:) Thanks alot!!



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