Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Holiday treat...:)

What a holiday! Have been back to home town since last weekend. Staying at my sister's home......actually the kids enjoyed the most..:)
So busy with the daily routine there.....hee hee! ...Yep...chatting....we talk and talk from morning till the sun goes down....just imagine...i almost lost my voice. Ha ha! And of course not to forget....EATING! Thats the most enjoying part. Besides cooking and baking at home, we went buffet dinner the 1st day, then buffet brunch for the following day...hmm, don't dare to weigh myself now...haha!
We have been baking all the old recipes for our parents and friends there. So busy in the kitchen almost everyday. But really enjoy it, especially when you have company.

Today, we are back...."home-sweet-home", quiet and relax....laying down on my lazy chair with a cup of ice cream...yum yum...:p..Ya ya, don't remind me about the calories...just eat larr...haha!

I've made this strawberry ice cream last week before i left home. Kept in my freezer until today, without trying. Well, its the first ice cream i ever make. Its not as smooth as those selling outside, but i'm quite satisfy with it. Even my daughter love it! Kids ha...always tempting for ice creams.
Maybe next time will try some other flavours, such as chocolate or vanilla...That's my favourite..hee hee..:)
Btw, here's the recipe for my reference.....
400g Evaporated milk
200g Double cream
200g Fresh milk
100g Icing sugar ( May add more if you like sweeter)
3 drops Strawberry flavour
50g Dried strawberries or fresh strawberries (optional)-chunks
~ Mix well all the ingredients in a big bowl
~ Then keep in the freezer for 2 hours
~ Take out the mixture after 2 hours, and whip with the mixer until its double the volume at high speed. ( This takes about 10 minutes)
~ Pour in an airtight container and freeze at least half a day.


  1. Wah....looks so good leh. Do I get to try it before it's all gone?! Anyway, so glad that you and Cheryl is back. ;)

  2. Ha ha, BB, sure you can try but its not very smooth leh...;p



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