Friday, October 2, 2009

Chendol Agar-Agar

Mid-Autumn Festival or my girl will call it "Lantern Festival" or maybe "Mooncake tomorrow. How are we going to celebrate?? Well, its alittle quiet this year, no husband around...hahaha! What am i trying to say larr...he's just happened to work during this day.
Anyway i've just planned to go to my aunt's house nearby, have a warm and nice dinner with her, then some cooling dessert under the bright round moon tomorrow....hope there is one! (no rain please...;p) So i've made some agar-agar (jelly) for our dessert tomorrow, hope she'll like it..:)

Some little cute roses and some lettering...hee hee! Just play around with the new cookies cutter, luckily it turns out nicely. The rose? Its the mould i borrowed from my dear friend........

Beautifully done! Don't really want to eat it huh.....i keep looking at them after i took out from the mould, just don't feel like destroy it..haha! Fot the details and recipe of this agar-agar, please proceed to honeybeesweets. To thank her for the recipe and the mould, i've made her some together with her blog's name.....(see below's picture)

Thank you so much of the agar-agar powder and the mould, Bee Bee. Hope you like my "creation"..hee hee...;p

Hey, my friends and fellow out there, please try this out, its really very nice. And i can say its not much trouble get started. ^=^ Enjoy!!


  1. Of course I like much that I ate it up, haha! Thanks for sharing it with "spare tire" getting more evident already liao! 中秋节快乐!!

  2. Hee hee, don't worry Bee Bee, you did exercise everyday..:)Me is the one who worry..;p But most of all we enjoy our food!

  3. those look so pretty! unfortunately, it's near impossible to find cendol here in london ><



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