Tuesday, August 17, 2010

A Nice Weekend

A nice and relax weekend spent in my sister's house. Then a visit to my parent's place and inlaws'. Again I enjoyed my food alot.....heavy tea breaks, dinner and supper...yummy! Tea breaks was my mother's butter cake and a cup of coffee...it was heaven..;p The cake was freshly baked by the time we reached..:)
Then dinner was the Vietnamese Steamboat which was totally new to me. A Vietnamese restaurant newly opened near my sis's house and the price is reasonable. It's consider very cheap if compare with KL. After a super heavy dinner, we had durians for supper...haha! Super full that I can't really sleep well that day...hahaha!

Here's the Vietnamese Steamboat I mentioned.....
See the fruits?...It was the base for the soup, which means that we need to boil it with the soup before we add others. (Freshly cut pineapples, starfruits and tomatoes)

It looks weird but taste nice. Well, it was my first time anyway..;D


Some photos to share....another of my projects for a Birthday guy..:)



  1. Adding fruit to make stock makes the soup sweet. I know of some hawkers who do that too to their stock.
    You certainly are skillful at fondant modelling! Got to get some tips from you.

  2. Beautiful stuff you've got! niceee! =)

  3. How interesting, I have not tried Vietnamese steamboat. I love your camera cupcakes, you are so skillful!!

  4. this is the 1st time I encounter vietnamese steamboat, looks interesting. Reese, love all your fondant cupcakes!

  5. I would love to try out Vietnamese cuisine. It seems like very healthy.

  6. Oh wow! The steamboat looks good...and healthy too!
    Hey Reese, your worksmanship is truly getting better and better! The camera cupcakes looks so pretty. So happy for you that you're churning out more and more beautiful food arts! :)

  7. Love the camera!!!

    Oh, this is my first time seeing Vietnamese steamboat. Must try the next time I see it.

  8. Wah, the camera very nice leh! You are very skillful already! Too bad I don't get such interesting projects to work on, lol. Very good, you can start planning to open shop already.

  9. ~ busygran, thanks. Yea, I also 1st time trying this kind of steamboat.

    ~ youfei, thanks..:)

    ~ HHB, the steamboat is nice with refreshing stocks, you can try next time.

    ~ Jess, me also 1st time trying this steamboat..:) Thanks for your compliments.

    ~ Grace, it is healthy and tasty..;)

    ~ Jane, thank you thank you..:) Falling in love with fondants..haha!

    ~ Wendy, yea you must try next time...:)

    ~ Bee Bee, thank you..:) Never thought that moulding fondant is so much fun. Open shop? Of course no la..haha!

  10. Vietnamese steamboat, sound good, where is this restaurant? Nowadays your skill of making fondants is like "sifu' level, when you start to take order? hehehe..

  11. I miss having steamboat, I cannot get it anywhere here in Germany, I should one day really resolve to make it at home instead! And look at those cute cupcakes...! I enjoy cake decorating too but mostly don't really have the time to do so :(,

  12. ~ Sonia, this restaurant is at my hometown, Seremban. If you have a chance to go there, do call me then I'll give you the direction..:)

    ~ Cooking Gallery, welcome to my blog..:) Hope you'll find some time for cake decorations soon..:)

  13. This is the first time I see steamboat using pineapple. Very interesting. The broth must have some sweet and tangy taste to it. You are getting really good with your cake decorations.

  14. Thank you Gert..:) The steamboat was new to me too, and it was worth a try.

    Thanks Chinli...:)



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