Monday, November 22, 2010

Chocolate Milk Buns

I know alot of you will never like Mondays after a relaxing weekends. Especially if you need to wake up early and stuck in the too!! But today (which is a Monday) is a very excited one and the most happiest one for me! That was because my daughter is going to her pre-1 orientation! And I actually acoompanied her from the early morning until her school dismissed..haha! Yup, I do feel tired but very happy..:) I think all the parents at the school this morning feels the same way as me..;p

Now about today's post...its a new buns recipe I've tried a couple of days ago. Not much time consuming and the result was surprisingly soft.

Chocolate Milk Buns! Anyway the fillings can be anything you like...fruit jams, red beans etc etc.
Here's the recipe....

30g condensed milk (already been reduced)
10g egg
80g cold water
1/4tsp salt
3g instant yeast
130g bread flour
20g plain flour
3g milk powder
15g butter

Shredded dark chocolate
Raisins (Optional)

~ Mix well all ingredients except butter into a dough then add in butter to knead into a elastic dough.
~ Leave to prove for 30 minutes at least.
~ Divide dough into 70g each (or maybe small if you prefer). Shape into balls and let to prove 5-10 minutes.
~ Flatten balls and wrapped in fillings as shown below.
~ Roll up then placed in a muffin pan.
~ Let prove until double sizes (around 15 minutes) then brush with egg wash.
~ Bake at 190'C for 12-15 minutes.

Wrapped in fillings......
Roll up like a tiny swissroll.......

The buns were really soft and everyone who tasted it said nice..:) I like this cause its really fast and we can have the hot buns in no time!

My daughter said they looked like little snails after baked..haha! Try out the recipe and let me know whether you like it or you love it...:D



  1. ee, my son Desmond's school why don't have pre-1 orientation huh, difference school has diff way of manage it. This chocolate bun look so cute, the shape like snail..

  2. Gosh! Look at the amount of chocolate shavings! Whoo hoo! Yummy! Such cute buns too!

  3. It does looks like a snail! A yummy snail, lol ! So glad that Cheryl (and you) had a fun& exciting 1st day at the orientation! Saw the pics, heehee. Btw, how come didn't see G's girl? Anyway, you have a good time yah...:)

  4. ~Sonia, yea if I'm not mistaken there are only 2 school around this area which has this orientation for 2 weeks..:)

    ~busygran, thank you!!

  5. Bee Bee,
    Thank you..:) Cheryl had a great day today and there are 2 more weeks to go, hopefully she'll never complain..;p Oh I didn't take any photo of her frens coz they all sit separately and are quite far leh.

  6. Cute buns.Thanks for the recipe.



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