Thursday, November 18, 2010

Last day of Kindie

Yesterday was my bad bad day. Very bad, that I lost the thing I adored so much..:( That makes me so angry and sad but I'm very fortunate that I have lots of friends to cheer me up. "Thank you" to all my wonderful friends for being so supporting and caring..:)
Well, there is one more thing that keep me looking forward..that's my daughter's last day of school in her kindie. I've promised her that I'll make something special for her friends for the final day party. Okay, I admit that they were not that special, for those were cupcakes again...haha! But with the figurines on top....they should love it..:)

Here they are.....(left) for boys and (right) for girls with their names on it...^^

A closer look on those little cuties...that took me few hours to complete all of them. The same chocolate cupcakes which I posted long time ago, but this time added dark rich melted chocolate. Guess all kids love chocolate..:)

My daughter has been telling me that she'll miss the school and can't believe that she's really leaving the school..;p And I hope she can cope with her pri1 next year.

Not to forget about the teachers in her school, They have done alot and were so caring for all these years. Here's a tiramisu for the teachers and hope they'll enjoy it..:)

A simple recipe from my sister which we did for my grandma's birthday last month. If you like, do view here for the recipe..:)

Happy Holiday!!!!


  1. You are a super mum! The fondant toppers are so cute and nice, excellent job! Lucky kids, personalized some more! And very sweet of you to make the tiramisu for the teachers, so nice! Lucky teachers! Lol! Hey, tomorrow will get your new toy from J, so cheer up ok?will pass to you ASAP when I reach KL. :))

  2. Dear BB,
    Thank you so much for everything..:) Can't wait to see you...;p What I mean you is really you not that toy..haha!

  3. Love the 'graduation' cupcakes! So apt and so cute!

  4. These are so special, what a beautiful job you did. I would love to take a bite.

  5. The figurines look so cute and you even made boy and girl ones with their names on them! Are they made of fondant? Must have taken you lots of time!

  6. I think all your daughter's friend sure love the fondant,they are so cute! Did you order this fondant?Or you made this all by yourself?

  7. ~ busygran, thank you...:)

    ~ Lyndsey, thank you too...:D

    ~ Small Small Baker, thank you. Yes, they were fondant. I think the time spent were really worth it..;p

    ~ Wai Kitt, thanks and yes I did the fondant figurine myself..:)



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