Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Peanut Chips Cookies & Chocolate Fudge Cake

Have been baking chiffons and sponges lately until my hubby and daughter said...."not again"!! Hahaha!! Alright then, something heavy for them..:) A peanut chips cookies and a chocolate cake. How it sounds then? me, its like..."Oooo so fattenning"!! But they enjoy them so much..:D

These peanut chips cookies was the most easiest cookies I ever make. Just mix everything, cut and bake! You can always replace the peanut chips with chocolate chips, raisins or even dried fruits. Here's the recipe.....

180g butter (cut into small pieces)
500g plain flour
3 tsps baking powder
170g sugar
180g peanut chips
3 eggs
25g milk
3tsps vanilla essence

~ Mix flour, baking powder and butter with finger tips until crumbs.
~ Add in sugar and mix well.
~ Add in eggs and vanilla essence and form into a dough. Do not knead.
~ Fold in peanut chips
~ Flatten the dough and cut into desire shapes.
~ Placed on a tray with parchment paper and bake at 170'C for 20-25 minutes.

And here's the chocolate fudge cake. I've baked them in a small rectangle muffin mould which made them easier to serve..;p Interesting for the recipe, please view here..:D

Very moist and rich with chocolate. For those chocolate lovers out there, this cake cannot be miss! Try it out and let me know..:)



  1. Thanks for sharing the recipe, my family members are chocolate lover, will try out your chocolate fudge cake soon..

  2. When did you make this Chocolate fudge cake ahh? I was still in KL that time leh, how come I didn't get to taste it hmmm??? I see you using the peanut chips again, heehee. You know I just made a banana chocolate chip cake with peanut butter icing...also chocolate and peanut! We're craving for same things!

  3. Oh.. that cookies look yummy! May I know is chewy type of crunchy type?

  4. Sonia,
    You must try and let me know whether you like the cake then..:)

    Bee Bee,
    I made it once I started blogging lo, that time we just know each other..heehee! I think I did made once after that but "pai-seh" la...your chocolate cakes always taste so GOOD, so dare not let you try..haha!
    Banana choc chips with peanut butter icing...that sounds soooo nice leh!!!

    Kitchen Corner,
    If you make the cookies's thickness like what I did, that'll be abit chewy inside and crispy outside. The thinner you make it, the crispy it'll be.

  5. I've been baking cookies too. Don't know why but suddenly have the mood to bake them.

  6. i would like to have a piece right now!

  7. both looks so delicious but I prefer chocolate cake, yum!



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