Monday, January 17, 2011

Yam Cakes in Bowls

Counting down for the Chinese New Year. Are you busy baking cookies for the coming festive? I've finally started with my first cookies on my list today. Somehow I only managed to bake a batch of it, hopefully I'll have more time tomorrow.
Well, here's a recipe I'll like to share. This is another Yam Cake recipe which I found from one of my collection books. Slightly different from the one my mum taught me, and its not bad at all.

The texture is alittle soft compare to my old recipe, but is equally yummy..:) Especially it goes with my favourite chilli sauce.

Ingredients for Batter:
300g yam (taro), shreddered or diced as prefered
250g rice flour
250ml water
700ml hot water
2 tsps five spice powder
salt & pepper to taste

Ingredients for topping:
100g shallots (chopped)
80g dried shrimp (diced)
1 tbsp hoi sin sauce
2 tsps sugar
Spring onions & red chillis for garnish.

~ Heat up some oil in wok. Stir fry ingredients for fillings (except spring onions & chillies) until fragnant. Se aside.
~ Stir water into rice flour and mix evenly. Pour in hot water then shredded or diced yam. Season with salt and pepper, mix well.
~ Brush small bowls with alittle oil, arrange in a steamer. Pour in batter and steam for for 20 minutes.
~ Remove and sprinkle toppings and leave to cool before unmould.

You may find this is more simple compare with my previous recipe, and it cooked faster using the small bowls. Oh yes, you may also ask why there is hot and cold water used here...;p Pouring cold water and boiling water into flour helps make the cake soft and chewy.

And remember that the cake cannot be serve once its done. It was too soft and cannot be unmould properly. Frying the left overs the next day was another way of eating the yam cake...yum yum!!

Got to go...hope you'll like this recipe..:) Cheers!!


  1. I'm thinking of baking cookies too, but mum says it's too early and not sure if the cookies can last. I wonder what she meant by last. As in expire or gone before cny. hahaha..

  2. I have yet to start any cookie baking for CNY. I am getting nervous now seeling so many bloggers posting CNY cookies ha ha.. just cooked my jam last night. Oorr kueh is my fav especially with lots of yam and topping on it. They look delicious!!

  3. Friend, looks like we have the same craving at the same time, heehee! I just bought a big yam yesterday and gonna make yam kueh on Thursday. Ok ok, with your recommendation, I am going to try tuis recipe, thanks yah!

  4. Reese,

    Can you share your cashew nut recipe with me. I would love to make some for CNY! My email: Tks very much.

    Rgs, Sue

  5. ~ Tracie, I know what ur mum means..haha! My mum told me the same thing...;p

    ~ Gert, how are you? Are you coming back this CNY? Wonder I can taste any of your cookies...haha! Yeah...I love yam too...:)

  6. ~ Bee Bee, is it? Haha...I have not been steaming this kueh for such a long time, juz happen that I saw a nice yam at the market that day...;p Hope you like this recipe too...:)
    Btw, are you going to give us a surprise next month???

  7. Hi Sue,
    I've just sent you the recipe. Hope you like it...:)Happy Baking....and Happy Chinese New Year to you..^^



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