Sunday, June 19, 2011

BBQ Meat Puff Pastry 叉烧酥

After a great holiday last 2 weeks, I've gained some weight but that doesn't stop me from baking anyway..;p During the holidays, I've got some new recipe books and today's post is from one of them. A nice book but somehow I find that the recipes inside does not really give us the correct way or measurements. So I've done some changes and make sure it turns out right.

Let me tell you my story about making this puffs. I've prepared my own version of bbq meat the night before and was nicely kept in my fridge. The very next morning, I woke at 730am to start making the pastry. I was so excited and put so much hope that I can bring all these puffs back to my hometown for my grandma and others. But something was not right when I started to knead the water dough of the pastry. I followed exactly from the book and the I can't knead the said ingredients into a dough. I was so upset and frustrated then I started to panic because I've promise to bring back some nice puffs for our tea that day. Then I try my best to make some changes out from the book.

I was nervous when the puffs was still in my overn and keep praying for good results..haha!
Well, from the pictures above I can say those puffs taste good and crispy. And so I've done another new version of the ingredients again..hehe!

Here's the recipe.......

300g Bbq chicken meat or BBq pork (finely chopped) ~ Recipe here.

(Water dough)
300g Plain flour
60g Margarine
3 tbsps fine sugar
2 eggs
5-6 tbsps water ( may need more if the dough still dry)

(Oil dough)
150g plain flour
100g Margarine

~ Mix all water dough ingredients and oil dough ingredeints separately until a smooth dough form. Rest dough for 10 minutes.
~ Divide water dough into 20g each and 15g each for oil dough.
~ Wrap oil dough into water dough and roll into reactangle shapes. Fold into 3 layers and roll out again. (repeat 2 times).
~ Roll out dough (still rectangle shape) and place some fillings on one side of the pastry and fold the other end over the fillings. Seal tight all edges and seal both side edges with a fork.
~ Brush beaten eggs over surface and bake at 180-190'C for 20 minutes until golden brown.

Try these out and let me know if you have a better recipe for these puffs. Thanks in advance..:)

Happy baking!!


  1. I am glad you improvised and made the best out of the situation. The BBQ puffs indeed look fabulous and delicious, good work! This is one of them dim sum dishes that we will normally order, now can try making it. ;)

  2. for me, it look crispy and nice. I have not done this before, Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  3. I just love this type of flaky pastry. I think you've done a great job with it as I see a lot of layers on the pastry.

  4. Bee Bee,
    Thank you..:)I like this too, and always order when go dim sum too!

    Thank you too, please try, you'll like it..:)

    Thanks..:) Will try more recipes until I can get the best one..;p

  5. This pastry always intimidate me but seeing yours kind of give me a kick to go try it out. So what if it does not turn out right, can always try again right or just go to your house for a piece. hehehe Long time no see, hope all is well with you, your hubby and pretty Cheryl.

  6. Hi Veron,
    You are always welcome..haha! My puffs were not the perfect though, I'm still looking for a better and good ones. So far, this recipe pleased me for the moment..hehe!
    Oh we are good, what about you? Hope we can meet up again some day..:)



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