Friday, February 10, 2012

Steamed Minced Pork Fillet with Salted Mackerel Fish (梅香鲛鱼)

It's dinner time!! Okay, I admit this is not very well presentable but it's a very well received dish. This is my childhood dish which my grandmother passed this to my mom and now it's my turn!!

The salted mackerel just bring out the right aroma of the minced pork, and I can have this, only this for my meals!! If you like the taste of this salted fish , you can never miss this!!

After taking the pictures of this dish, then only I realized that I should have garnish with some greens or reds to make it look more presentable at least alittle more colourful....haha! But nevermind, this is the original look for what I had for many years ago...LOL!!

The ingredients:

150g minced pork fillet

1 tbsp mashed salted mackerel fish

1 tbsp sugar

1 or 2 tbsps cooking oil

1 tsp corn flour

1/2tsp light soy sauce

~ Mix everything together and flatten it on a steaming plate for at least 30 minutes before steaming.

~ Steam at mid-high heat for 15-20 minutes. Serve hot with steamed white rice or plain porridge.

It's easy as 1,2,3 right? Simple and favourite!!

My hubby asked why only after 20 years then only he got to taste this from me...haha! I told him, I just forgot about it!!

Have a nice weekend!!



  1. I think I've eaten this before! It's a very nice and homey dish indeed. I remember I can down it with 2 bowls of porridge together! Yums!

  2. Still looks yummy Reese!! Is this salty fish the same ones they put in those claypot rice?

  3. Bee Bee,
    You bet, I had a BIG bowl of plain rice with this dish..."cham"!! Got to go for few rounds exercise to burn it...LOL!!

    Yes, it's those they put in those claypot rice. Just remove the bones and add into this minced pork.

  4. Yes when my mum make this, I always end up over eating! My mum usually steam sliced pork belly with salted fish but when I am in Singapore, most of the store make this dish like you.



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