Monday, March 18, 2013

Yam & Sweet Potatoes Sweet Dessert 炸年糕

Hi all, how are you guys? I've been missing from here since last year December, and I hope I'll get to blog more this coming days to share my recipes. 
Here's a sweet dessert that I made last month, and it tastes really good. I'm not so sure what this sticky sweet kueh called in English, in mandarin we call it "nian gao" (年糕.) Which this kueh we only eat it during Chinese New Year.
I've fried it with a different way this time with mashed sweet potatoes and yam. Have a look at the bottom, it was very easy.

Very crispy outside and soft & sticky inside. Really yummy!!

100g plain flour
alittle salt to taste
1 egg
about 50-60g water

** mixed all the ingredients above with the water addedslowly until you get a sticky starchy flour paste. set aside.

"nian gao" 年糕 - cut into stripes
*60g yam, steamed and mashed
*60g sweet potatoes, steamed and mashed

**the amount of the yam and sweet potatoes depends to individual.
* wrap the 年糕 with the mashed yam and sweet potatoes like shown below.
* deep fried in some hot oil at medium heat.

I will definitely stick to this recipe next year when I get this kueh. I was really surprise it turned out so nice and it was well received by my family.
Have a look at the can never resist this.



  1. I've actually never thought of mashing the yam and sweet potatoes up - I always place a slice on top of the nian gao. This looks super yummy though!

  2. Hi how are you? Miss reading your blog posting. I like your version much. I just made the one wrapped in popiah wrappers and I can't wait to try this soon.

  3. Hi Janine, that was what I always did too, placing then on top of the nian hao. Then I just came out with this idea mashing them..haha! Trust me, it was really good.

    Hi Gert, I'm fine, just slow in blogging lately, really slow...LOL!! Yeah, saw Bee Bee did it with the popiah wrappers and I was thinking to wrap the nian gao with something else...haha!



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