Sunday, May 10, 2015

Chicken Curry Bread Pot 咖喱面包窝

What a BIG bun huh?!! It is really BIG..haha! (see the 2nd pic) Too big that my hands can't manage to grab the whole bun! Wonder what's inside? Scroll down and you'll see...(^o^)

See how big it is here....Opps! the cracked top..:(( The bread was too soft that I've accidentally cracked it while removing it from the baking pan.

Yeah!! Chicken Curry was hidden inside this BIG bun! (sorry for the bad images here, the light was too dim when I took these pictures)
This is how they served the Chicken Curry with bread back in my hometown.

I'm sorry too that I've forgotten to take some pictures on how I wrapped the Curry Chicken with the bread dough. But it was rather easy, just need to be careful and gently not to tear the bread dough apart.

Recipe and method for the bread,... please refer to honeybeesweets blog.

* Cook the curry chicken with some thick gravy and wrap with an aluminium foil (seal tight)
* Rub some butter on a 10" round cake pan or lined it with a parchment paper.
* Roll out the ready bread dough into a round shape (enough to wrap up the foiled Curry Chicken) with a rolling pin, thickness about 2". Slightly roll a little thinly the sides of the bread dough.
* Place the rolled dough on top of the wrapped Curry and seal at the bottom.
* Place into an 10" round cake pan
* Brush some egg wash on top of the bread (do not skip this because we want the bread top to be a little shinny and crispy)
* Bake at 170'C for 45 minutes
* Once done, cool slightly and remove from the pan and serve.

Recipe for Chicken Curry....please refer to my older post on Steamed Spare-ribs Curry.
Replace the spare ribs with chicken or any other meat. Then reduce the amount of water so that you'll have a thicker gravy for easy wrapping.
* Wrap up the curry with some gravy with aluminium foil, seal tightly to avoid any leaking when baking.'s time to serve. We had this for dinner last few days, and I'm going to make this again for our coming party end of this month. ^^
This was my first attempt though, and I got it right! Yay!!! And I'm glad everyone loves it..:))

Here are some braided buns with the same bread recipe which I've done earlier. Love the texture, and they were still soft the next day!

Happy Baking!


  1. Thanks for sharing. Definately wanna try this. I like your braided bun as it's nicely braided, looks pretty and lovely.

    1. Thank you..hehe! And you are most welcome..:))



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