Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Butter Potatoes Bun

Do you feel super excited when you've got your bakes done sucessfully and unexpectedly? Oh I did and I just did!! I was baking a new bread recipe today and the process of waiting to see the result was kind of worry. You know what I mean? Well when I was baking a bread or buns or swiss roll, I always have the feeling of "please don't fail"!! That counts I had lots of failure before..:(
I've been baking lots of breads and buns lately but today I did a good job!! I never expect my buns were that soft...I mean they were "super" soft!! Yippie!!!! I was over joy....^^
Somehow, my daughter said can she has some cakes instead...:( Okay, I've promised her a swissroll tomorrow but she has to finish the buns first....lol!

Everyone knows that potatoes did a good job in bread making but it's kind of difficult to handle the soft dough. Here's the recipe adapted from 面包DIY.

260g Bread flour
5g milk powder

70g castor sugar
1/8tsp salt
60g egg
40g potato flour
150g cold water
6g instant yeast

60g butter

~ Combine (B) till even then add in (A) to form almost a dough.
~ Add in (C) and knead until a elastic dough. Cover and prove for 30 minutes.
~ Divide dough into small balls (sizes as desire), flatten and roll up to long oval shape.
~ Place rolled dough on a parchment paper and let prove double in size. (About 30 minutes)
~ Egg wash the buns and with a sharp knife cut a straight line in the middle of the buns and spread some butter and sugar.
~ Bake at 180'C for 10-12 minutes.

It was totally exciting when my buns were done cause this is the very "first" time I got such a soft soft bread...:)

See...I did pressed all the buns ....haha! Opps! Please mind my manners....;p



  1. I know your feeling, because i also felt the same as you did, when the first time i managed to bake the bread with soft texture.So now when i make bread will always stick to the "TangZhong"method.

  2. See, more practice and a little patience will definitely get the result you want. Happy for you my friend!! The buns looks very yummy leh... Heehee, I see you did the bread torture test. :)

  3. Your buns look so perfect. Seeing you and Bee bee making such beautiful bread makes my hands itcy. Maybe I should make some too since the weather is a bit warm today.

  4. ~ Wai Kitt, thanks. I like to try lots of method but will stick to one when others fail..;p

    ~ Bee Bee, thank you..:) I'm lucky today..haha! And of course I was very lucky to have your guidance when you were here last year..:) Thank you!

    ~ Sonia, thank you!

    ~ Gert, yes I'm waiting for your bread post..:) Happy baking!!

  5. Your buns look really soft! Would love to try it 'coz I like baking bread too! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Your buns look very soft and nice! I feel the same too. I'm very afraid of failing after all that effort. You did a great job!



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