Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Double Chocolate Cupcakes & Award

Hi my dear friends, I know this suppose to be a "kueh" post as I had promised...;p I do have a kueh recipe that I wanted to try so much but it seems the timing is just not right. Well, I've baked this last night, a recipe adapted from my favourite book.."The Great Big Cookie Book" by Hilaire Walden. These were actually planned last minute as I'm going to meet a dear friend who comes back from Japan for a short holiday. It was such a long time since we met, I don't even recall when was the "last time"!! So meeting her later is really special and I can't wait to meet her little princess!! Okay back to my post, cupcakes with chocolates and its double chocolates!! Hmm...for those who are chocolate lovers, this is the recipe you don't want to miss..;p Recipe (makes 16, 3.1/4oz cup) 400g plain flour 1 tbsp baking powder 2 tbsps cocoa powder 110g brown sugar 2 eggs 150ml sour cream 170ml fresh milk 60ml cornoil / sunflower oil 175g white chocolate (finely chopped) 175g dark chocolate (finely chopped)

~ Preheat oven at 190'C. Place 16 paper cups (3.1/4oz) on a tray.

~ Sift flour, baking powder and cocoa powder and set a side.

~ Lightly beat the egg with sugar till bubbly and add in sour cream and milk. Mix well.

~ Add in oil and mix well, then at low speed fold in the flour mixture.

~ Fold in the chocolates by using a spatula until well mix.

~ Spoon into prepared cups and bake at 190'C for 30 minutes.

Have a look the inside of the cupcake, soft and moist and rich with chocolates..yummy!

Before I sign off, I would like to thanks Jane from Passionate About Baking & MamaFaMi's Spice n Splendour for awarding me the following award..:)

I am truly honored for receiving this and hopefully I'll have more wonderful recipes to share in the future.

Happy Baking!!


  1. Congrats with your awards. These cupcakes look so delicious and moist. One wouldn't be enough for me.

  2. i have the same book too (: but i've not tried any recipe from it yet. looking at your lovely bakes, is tempting me to bake it now and utilise that book :D

  3. congratulations! your cupcakes look absolutely moist and soft...full of chocolatey goodness :)

  4. My kids and hubby sure love this cupcakes, must make for them soon. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Zoe,
    Thank you! Yeah 1 wouldn't be enough for me too..heehee!

    The Sweetylicious,
    You should start scratching from this book..haha! I've got it 10 years ago but not all recipes tried though..;p

  6. Jean,
    Thank you, the cakes indeed very moist and soft, but quite fattening with all the chocolates there..;p

    If they like chocolates, then this must be the right recipe. Cheryl said very nice and she loves it..:)

  7. hi reese,
    i'm follow your follow...nice blog actually...

  8. So good that you manage to meet up with a friend that you've not seen for such a long time. :)BTW, these muffins look super tempting! Gotta go make some for myself to find out how yummy then. :P

  9. ~ hani, welcome to my blog..:)

    ~ Bee Bee, welcome back! You'll love thse muffins..:) Yeah, I got to meet my friend at Midvalley last weekend, and its been a decade since we met but too bad we have only 2 hours to chat..;p

  10. oh my! the cupcakes look so inviting! must be real soft and moist like you'd said, but without the heft and density, owing to the clever use of canola oil in place of butter or margarine. well done Reese!


  11. Thank you, travellingfoodies...:) This muffins becomes my family's favourite since. And I'm so glad that they were so well recieved by all my friends...:D



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