Sunday, April 24, 2011


Hi everyone...Happy Easter!! I had a wonderful day back to my hometown, a good chat with my sister and parents and a nice cosy dinner with just the 3 of us back home...:) Then some durian for dessert to fullfill my day...heehee! What about yours?
Actually I've been invited by Elin from Elinluv's Corner to a tagging menu game to celebrate this Easter but I have not much recipes for this special celebration, so I'm afraid that I have to skip this invitation and hopefully I can join next year. So sorry Elin..;p
Today's post was all about the "purple sweet potatoes" I got last week. After having a good chat and lunch with my blogger friends at 1U last week, we went to the Cold Storage in the same mall, when we saw these beautiful sweet potatoes, I just can't help myself to grab some. End up I still have alot in my fridge now...haha! Anyway I manage to made 2 recipes out of them..:)

First, the Purple Sweet Potatoes Butter Buns!

The colour somehow faded alittle after baking, but the texture was super soft!
Here's the recipe...
260g Bread flour
5 g milk powder
70g castor sugar
60g egg
40g purple sweet potatoes (cooked and mashed)
150g cold water
6g instant yeast
60g butter
150g raisins

** Alitlle butter, cut into small cubes
** Alittle fine sugar
~ Combine everything together except butter and raisins into a soft dough, then add in butter to knead until a fine elastic dough at high speed (about 5 minutes with the mixer)
~ Add in raisins and mix well. Covered and let proof for 30 minutes.
~ Divide dough into small oval balls and cut slightly 1-2" in the middle of the buns with a sharp knife.
~ Spread some butter cubes and sugar at the cut areas, and let proof for another 10-15 minutes.
~ Brush the side top with some egg wash and bake at 180'C for 10-12 minutes.

Texture was really good the very day it was baked, somehow it turns alittle hard on the outside the next day. Anyway I have only 2 left overs, and my daughter brought one to school the other day and said it was still good...haha!

The 2nd recipe was the Ondeh Ondeh. It was one of my older post but only they were "purple". And because they were purple, my hubby and daughter looked like tasting out some new recipe from me...LOL!! And said those were so yummy and gave me all the thumbs up....haha!
Get the recipe by clicking the photo...:)

Have a nice week ahead!!


  1. Hey friend, when I saw your post title, I thought you are feeling sad or something. Because normally people associate purple or blue as being sad and moody leh. Luckily it's not, heehee! Nice purple sweet potato the purple oneh oneh! Gonna try it when I see some purple sweet potatoes next time. Hey, you left alot in your fridge? Then make something for me when I come this weekend yah? Heehee *thick skin* See you real soon!!

  2. I picked up some purple sweet potatoes yesterday, and I wasn't sure what I was going to make with them. These look really good. I wish I was a better baker. Hope you can join us next year. It really doesn't matter which recipes you choose. These would work just fine!

  3. Bee Bee,
    Is it? I thought "purple" is kind of romantic...haha! Anyway I just love this colour..:) Oh make something for you ah...sure can! Can't wait to see you...excited!!

    Thanks! I'm sure to join next year..;p Thank you so much again!

  4. Oh yea I saw the durian photos at FB. You make me crave for it ha ha..We should definitely meet up and go for durian feast when I go home in January. Hopefully we are able to find some during during that time. I like purple sweet potatoes but they are so expensive. It cost over $2 a pound. So I have to make to with the regular orange color kind. The bread look kind of pinky after baking isn't it but I think they still look nice and soft.

  5. Look like you had so much of fun over the weekend. I did not do anything over the weekend, so boring lar!! Love these purple bread and ondeh, i have quite long did not see pasar here selling purple sweet potato, that day i should followed you continue shopping, hahaha!

  6. Wah u so fast post up edi... aih I don't know when is mine going to be up lol..

  7. Gertrude,
    January dunno still got durian or not la, but we still can go "yum cha"..:) The purple sweet potaotes I bought were only RM4++ for 600+gm. Very cheap here!

    Ya should go with us that day..heehee!

    Swee San,
    You have too many recipes waiting to post that's why la..haha!

  8. You are a PROfessional!


  9. Reese, first time see purple buns and oneh. The texture looks super soft and the oneh makes me drool. Look forward to see you and Cheryl again soon.



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