Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Boys!!

Birthdays! Birthdays! Lately I was busy with birthday cakes. Have been baking only birthday cakes for this 2 weeks and all were for birthday boys!! Yea, all were about footballs, cars, animals..etc. Whatelse for the boys? Can anyone give me more idea about things for boys? I was kind of "blank" when come to think of boy's stuffs...heehee! You bet, my hubby never gets his birthday presents for years except cakes..haha!
Alright, here's some birthday cakes pictures I'll like to share. Not much work for the 1st one, but not the 2nd one. And the worse thing is...the cake started to "sweat" (the 2nd one) under the hot and stuffy weather..:(

The 1st one, a soccer field with a soccer ball in the center for a 12 year boy!
Not much work, only piping here..:D

The 2nd one..the theme suppose to be a "Safari Zoo"...but it turned out to be a "Mini Zoo" instead..heehee! This was for a 1 year old birthday boy, who is my dear friend's son. And so this was my gift for him..:)

This cake took me 1 day to mould the animals (fondant) and another day for baking and decorating. It was not that difficult for someone whose skill is better, but not me! I'm totally stress of it!!

Then the cake was find in my aircond room before deliver, somehow the fondant started to melt when we displayed it in the hall (its a lunch party and no aircond). Maybe my cake was too moist and the 2nd tier started to slant after 1 or 2 hours. Oh we cut the cake in the middle of the party before it collapse..LOL!

About the finishing, it was kind of rough, so I told my friend that she got to view the cake from far...haha! At least the pictures turned out fine...LOL!

Here's my story for the cakes. And yes, I'll do better the next time, at least to improve on the fondant figurines first..;p

Happy Birthday Boys!!


  1. Wow, beautiful cakes...! I like the safari zoo one, especially the lion :D).

  2. Both cakes simply gorgeous!

  3. I bet you will master it one day, for me, these cakes look nice.

  4. Dear friend, You did a great job, don't think otherwise. It's not easy to make such a moist 2-tier cake and have to nicely decorate it with fondant. Thanks so much for baking it for us, it was really delicious. I am already looking forward to see Cheryl's birthday cake!

  5. ~ Thanks Coking Gallery & DG..:)

    ~ Sonia, your bakes are totally better than mine ok. haha! I want some from you instead..;p

  6. Bee Bee,
    Thank you for so supportive..:) I'm very very happy that all of you like the cake but it still not what I've expected..heehee! I'll do better for the next one!

  7. Reese, they look cute and u know practice makes perfect. :)



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