Sunday, May 29, 2011

Its my Girl's Birthday!!

Its my girl's birthday today. No matter how old she is, she still our little baby..:) Happy Birthday Baby!!
This year we had a small celebration instead, with some of her classmates cum best friends came over to play and we, parents had a nice tea-chat! Well its not just tea we had, we do had some red wine ....haha!
As usual, I'll cook and bakes for my dear friends. And at the ends it looks like its my celebration instead...LOL!!
Okay, lets talk about the cake now, this year its a strawberry pound cake which was requested by the birthday girl. At the beginning I tried to convince my girl to have a lemon cake instead because I did not try to bake any strawberry cake before and it seems rather difficult to find a good strawberry cake recipe. But she seems alittle upset when I suggested that, so I tried my best to get a good recipe and give it a try.

A simple decoration goes with the cake....Strawberry Cupcakes! Well, the figure on top is the plastic doll she has..hehe! I tried my best to mould a fairy but she said she prefer the strawberry cupcakes on top and she even said the figure I moulded was ugly....opps!
Other than that everyone enjoyed the cake very much! I did it!!
Served with a dallop of fresh cream and a chocolate was just perfect!

Here's the recipe for the cake...
3 cups self raising flour
1.5 cups sugar (reduced)
3/4 cups melted butter
1 cup strawberry puree
1/2 cup fresh milk
4 eggs

~ Beat eggs and sugar till fluffy, add in strawberry puree and milk and mix well.
~ At low speed add in flour then fold in melted butter.
~ Pour into an 8" round pan and bake at 175'C for 45-50 minutes.

Beside cake, I prepared some simple dishes and drink for the celebration......

Spring Rolls & Steam Yam Cake

Recipes for the Rice & Curry will be posted later because I don't want this post to be too long..:) So stay tune if you like to try especially the Mutton Curry...its a hit!...hehe!

Lastly...Happy Birthday My dearest Baby, stay happy and healthy always..:)


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! What a lovely cake you made for her.

  2. What a lovely cake...! I love the strawberries and the sunflowers/daisies, they remind me of my own cheese flowers which I added to my bento box today, I think we use the same fondant cutter ;).

  3. Sonia,
    Thank you..:)

    Cooking Gallery,
    Is it..what a coincident!

    Swee San,
    Thank you on behalf of Cheryl..:)

  4. Did my comments get through? I thought I posted a comment earlier...don't know why didn't see u post it. Anyway, I was saying you are super mum! Cooking so much yummy food and still able to bake such a beautiful cake! It's too bad i can't join in the fun this time, but I will be seeing you all real soon yah!

  5. No Bee Bee, I din see your earlier comment, anyway you are a super mum too with all homemade breads and food all the time. I still eat out quite often leh..hehe! Yeah...see you real soon..can't wait!

  6. Sorry that I miss out this posting of yours. Wishing you daughter Happy Belated Birthday!!Whaat a beautiful cake you baked for her. She must be very happy with it. Love all the food your prepared too especially the Nasi Bryani



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