Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Homemade Aglio Olio with Crispy Turkey Ham

What's your dinner today? Usually we'll have rice with simple dishes, or chinese style fried mee or pasta or maybe some porridge. Sounds bored huh...;p Well, when you are lost and don't know what to cook for your little ones, here is my version of speghetti. A mix and match of Aglio Olio or maybe I should say, "Fried Speghetti My Way"...LOL!! No matter what I called this, my daughter is a big fan of it..;p

A handful of speghetti (this time I used vermicelli)
3 tbsps Olive Oil
3 tbsp minced garlic
Some white button mushrooms (sliced)
2 slices Turkey Ham (shredded)

2 tsps black pepper
pinch of salt
some dried pasley (depends to individual)
a dash of paprika powder

~ Cook the speghetti or vermicelli to cook, drained and set aside.
~ Pan fry the shredded turkey hams till crispy with some oil and set aside. (shown above)
~ Heat up olive oil and pan fry the garlic till fragnant and add in mushrooms and all the other seasoning. Stir fry for awhile (about 2-3 mins) then add in the cooked speghetti.
~ Mix well under low heat and dish up. Top with crispy turkey ham and serve.

Its just as simple as that! "yummy yummy" my daughter said after every mouth she took...haha! She had a big plate, and it'll scares you if you have seen her portion of speghetti today! She even asked to cook again tomorrow...;p



  1. Reese...I have always preferred spaghetti cooked this way. Aglio Olio is the family favorite :) Yours look great..yummy !

  2. i want, can make for me or not! so lazy to cook or bake after holidays hahaha

  3. Hey, really interesting and new to me to fry the ham! Crispy is GOOD. Lol! Think I might just try that this Friday since I need to prep a quick dinner for my family. ;)

  4. Elin,
    Yeah it's a nice and easy meal to prepare. We love it too...:)

    Swee San,
    You want me to cook for a pro a,....pai-seh la!!!....LOL

    Bee Bee,
    You must try, it's easy and delicious!!



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