Monday, May 9, 2011

Butter Buns

School exam starting this week and all the parents will be busy with their kids now, and so do I. But I'm trying my best not to stress so much and not to be so tense and most of all I don't want my daugther to feel worry and nervous. After all its her very first examination in her primary 1.
I'll bake and cook more this week to let myself stress-free...haha! Maybe a spa will be nice..;p

Well, about the post today, it's a bread post again. I've baked this buns last week, and I think I'm now addicted to bread baking..haha! Love the kneading and punching dough process..;p Okay, this recipe was adapted from my favourite book "麵包教室 5'C 冰種的美味". This was the 2nd recipe I tried and I just simply love it!

Made it with some red bean paste fillings (as always requested by my daughter) and some with butter. My hubby and I just love the butter ones, and we took 4 right after baked!

Recipe for the starter dough:

300g Bread flour

300g water

1g instant yeast

~ Mix all together until the instant yeast was well mix.

~ Covered with cling form and let proof for 1 hour, then place the dough into the fridge (5'C) and proof for at least 16 hours.

See the bun's texture?...Oh its just simply delicious and soft!

Recipe for the buns:

360g Bread flour

120g sugar

11g Instant yeast

6g salt

60g water

75g egg

20g honey / golden syrup

400g Starter dough

60g butter


** Some red bean paste

** Some butter (cut into cubes)


~ Mix all buns ingredients except butter and form a dough, then add in butter and knead into an elastic dough.

~ Let proof for 40 minutes, then divide into small balls (about 60g each), round up and let rest for 20 minutes.

~ Wrap in fillings and place on prepared tray and let it proof double in size. (about 30 minutes)

~ Egg wash the top of the buns and bak at 180'C for 12 minutes.

Hope you like this as much as I do..^^



  1. Looks really soft! I've actually tried 2 recipes in that book already, both tangzhong and starter dough methods. But up till now I've not get to post it up. : P hopefully soon...for the time being, look at your soft yummy bread is good enough, heehee! Good luck to Cheryl for her exams!

  2. How nice if you can send me some for my breakfast tomorrow, hehehe. In fact it look really soft.

  3. I was hust thinking of putting off baking this week because of the unbearable heat but this buns has just made me changed my mind.

  4. Certainly look fluffy! I love baking bread too, I think they can last longer than cakes!

  5. I just bought this book but have not tried out any recipe yet ^_^

  6. ~ Bee Bee...thank you..:)
    Hope she can do well, but anyway its her first time exam, so I'll let her go her own pace first.

    ~ Sonia
    I wish I can share with you too..:)

  7. ~ The Experimental Cook,
    Yeah the heat in Singapore is really hot ya, everyone is wishing for rain instead..;p Hope you do well and hope the coming weather may brings you comfort..:)

    ~ Jeannie,
    Actually I like to bake cakes instead..hehe! I only like the kneading and punching part of the bread..haha!

    ~ neyeeloh,
    Its a nice book, you must try soon!!

  8. Reese....the buns looks delicious...looks like everyone is making buns and bread :) I just posted one on Alex Goh's bread using gelatinized method :)



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