Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pumpkin Sesame Balls

As I have promised, this must be a kueh post. And so it is!! A very simple and yummy kueh that you can probably enjoy during the tea time or supper. And of course its very simple to prepare, all you need is just 30 minutes from the begining till the end..:) You'll see........ Ingredients: 300g Pumpkin (Steamed & mashed), 150g Glutinous rice flour, 25g Sugar, 300g Red bean paste (or maybe less), ** Some white sesame seeds. Method: ~ Steamed the pumpkin until soft enough to mash. Mash well while its hot. Quickly mix glutinous flour and sugar and mix well. Knead till a soft dough form. Divide into small balls (like pic. above) then fill in red bean paste and wrap tight. Shape into a ball and coat with white sesame seeds. Deep fry in hot oil until golden brown. (about 5-8 minutes, depending how big is the balls). Drain well and serve. The above picture shows the balls before and after fry. You can always replace the fillings with yam paste, peanuts or even coconuts...they all taste super yummy!
Its soft and crispy, all in one bite...:) Try it out and you'll know what I meant..;p

Happy Baking!!


  1. hi reese,
    it looks soooooooooo yummy...

  2. aiyoo, look so yummy, immediate bookmarked.

  3. Reese this looks really really yummy! I especially love the ones with peanuts inside...nomnomnom!

  4. I am a sucker for pumpkin. I like anything make from it. Gosh, just look at the gooey pumpkin when you bite into yours. You make me crave for it. I tried making sesame ball before but when I fried it all the sesame fell off the balls. They all look botak. How you get yours to stick on it?

  5. hani,
    Thank you..:)

    I think you'll like this..:)

    Yeah, I though of making it again with peanuts fillings...yummy!!

  6. Gertrude,
    Thank you..:) The texture is chewy and crispy, think you'll love it. About the sesame seeds, try to roll onto the sesame seeds while the balls are still moist and press slightly to stick. Mine did came out abit while frying though..;p

  7. Yum yum!I have pumpkin in my fridge also...but wonder when will I ever find time to make this! Miss those days when you will make these delicious kuehs and pass me some, heehee!

  8. Is this jindui ? I have been looking for this recipe for a long time. Thank you !

  9. ~ Bee Bee, wish I can share with you. You so busy lately? Alot orders ah?..heehee..:)

    ~ The Experimental,
    This is not "jindui" but quite similar. You can have a look at my "jindui" recipe here..http://reesekitchen.blogspot.com/2009/09/sesame-seed-balls-chien-tui.html
    Hoep you like it...:)

  10. ah! I would have thought this is 煎堆 if not for your clarification above, Reese. The inclusion of pumpkin is a nice touch both in taste and aromatics!

  11. Thank you travellingfoodies....:)

  12. Think the addition of pumpkin must be very nice, cos I have never tried pumpkin in this before... Yumm... Bookmark!!



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