Monday, September 12, 2011

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节快乐

Its Mid-Autumn Festival today!! Wish everyone has a great day and a good celebration with family and friends. During this festival, we'll have lots of food and snacks to celebrate under the beautiful moon. (Hopefully there is a beautiful one tonight..;p) Well all kinds of food and of course not to mention, there must be mooncakes!! Lots of choices nowadays, huh.....and lots of flavours to choose too. By the way, I've just did 2 types this year and both with the same fillings (lotus paste with yolk). And both mooncakes were already sent to family members and friends...none for myself...haha! Anyway, I'm not so keen on eating them this year...:)

Here's my (new) recipe for this year, the other one was the flaky type which I did last year.

The name of this mooncake is so classy and I love it once I read the ingredients....hehe! Yup! This was easy to prepare with a classy name....."Golden Drops" (莲蓉核桃金露酥).

270g Cake flour
1/4 tsp baking powder
30g custard powder
90g icing sugar
1 egg
75g shortening
75g butter

50g walnuts
some white sesame seeds

~ Mix all ingredients together into a dough. Leave aside.
~ Prepare any fillings as you like and wrapped up with some baked duck egg yolks.
~ Divide pastry into 30g each and wrap with the fillings.
~ Brush with egg yolk, sprinkle some sesame seeds and top with one walnut.
~ Bake at preheated oven at 180'C for 20-25 minutes.

Nutty Ham Mooncakes & Piggy biscuits (below) from my mum....yummy!

Not to forget some ice cream mooncakes during this hot weather. A gift from my friend from Haagen-Dazs...:)

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to everyone!!!



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  2. Your walnut golden drops look very good! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

  3. Happy Mooncake Festival to you and your family!!

  4. Colin,
    Thank you...:) Oh I took the test and I'm a red velvet cake...hehe! Nice one though...;p

    Happy Homebaker,
    Happy Mid-Autumn festival to you too....:)

    Same to you and your dear family....have a nice day....:)

  5. Hey dear friend! Although we didn't get to reunite this special holiday time, I am sure you and the other ladies had lots of fun. This mooncake you made looks very special and yummy! Too bad I don't have that 口福 to taste it. :P Here wishing you a very warm and happy mid autumn festival! *hugs*

  6. Hey Bee Bee, I just get to meet Grace today. Oh yes, a nice dinner at her place...:) This mooncakes ah..., luckily all of them love it...hehe!

  7. 中秋节快乐 to you and your family members at home.


  8. Someone from your end requested us to sculpture a birthday cake for u this weekend, due to timing we had to start sculpturing the cake. At the end they cancel the order, it is such let down

  9. Hi Big Boys Oven,
    First of all I'm very happy that my friend is trying to buy me a cake, it's very sweet of her and secondly It's sweet of you guys are trying to help too. Anyway I think there's a misunderstanding on both sides ya, hope you guys understand...:)
    Happy Baking...^^

  10. it was not a misunderstanding from our end. Please let ur friend know not to do it again as i our precious time and energy are precious to create something beautiful n meaningful. Yes we are very angry about it.

  11. Hey, Big Boys Oven,
    I'll like to apologize for my friend, and as I know she didn't reply and confirm about the cake and price right. Anyway, I'll like to apologize again myself to create such a problem to you guys. Sorry ya..:)

  12. Yes, Big Boys Oven,
    I'll send your msg to her and I understand how you guys feel about it. I know just a word sorry is not enough but hopefully you may understand. Once again sorry about that.

  13. Sorry typo error 150 pcs.
    Anyway happy birthday to you!



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