Sunday, June 28, 2009

Nyonya Glutinous Wrap

Today is Sunday.....since i have no where to go and my husband need to work, so i decided to make something for tea-time....mmm...:) Yea, when i have nothing to do, i sure look for FOOD! heehee!
Since i got myself a new Nyonya recipe book last week, so i have to make good use of it, right?!
And this is of my favourite kueh.....glutinous rice and chili shrimps/prawns wrapped in banana leafs...yummy!

Its so delicious, that i can easily swallow 3 straight....hmm...fattening hah! hee hee! Nothing can compare when it comes to good food....;P
Anyway the preparation of this kueh is only within an hour or so.

300g Glutinous rice, soaked for at least 2 hours
200g Coconut milk
**some banana leaves -for wrapping (cut, washed & boiled)
**some toothpick -for sealing

1 inch galangal / cekor
6-8 nos Shallots
5 pips Garlic
5 nos Candle nuts
3-5 nos Red Chilies
1 tbsp Coriander powder

200g Fresh prawns (shelled)
2 tbsps Dried Shrimps (soaked)

2 tsps Salt
1-2 tbsps Sugar

**2-3 tbsps water (for simmering)

~ Mix glutinous rice with coconut milk (just covered the rice will do), steam over high flame for 30 minutes. Cool alittle before wrapping.
~ Fragnant (B) with oil, add in (C) and stir-fry for a while then add in (D).
~ Add in 2-3 tbsps of water, mix well and simmer for about 5 minutes. Then stir until almost dry, keep a side to cool.
~ Brush alittle cooking oil on the banana leaf, spread one portion of cooked glutinous rice lengthwise in the centre of the banana leaf, put some prawn filling on it. Fold over the rice to shape into a roll, then seal with toothpick.
~ Grill or pan-fry the rolls.
** I chose to grill cause i like the burning fragnant of the banana leaves, which will bring the rice more flavour. The portion here makes about 20 rolls...give it a try!!


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  2. This is delicious! Just the right kick of spice and flavor! Thanks for sharing this with me. ;)

  3. Heehee....glad u like it! So happy that this successful...;P

  4. Hi ReeseKitchen,
    Your rempah udang looks so good, makes me want to try it out!
    Just want to clarify 2 SET B of your ingredients, it says galangal/cekor. Do you mean I can use EITHER galangal OR cekor? Because they are not the same thing as far as I know. The other thing is, when you said 'grill', do you mean grill in the oven? Or over charcoal fire? If in oven, how long for and at what temperature?

    Thanks in advance. Can't wait to start making these :)

  5. Hi Ee Peng,
    Yea, you can either use galangal or cekor. I used galangal for this recipe.
    And I'm so sorry that i didn't state clearly about the grill here. I did grill in the oven for about 10- 15 minutes @ 200'C, until the banana leaves alittle burn. The rice and fillings are already cooked, so its fine to just grill alittle while.



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