Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to school & work

Well school starts and holidays are all over...:( Back to school activities and work, work, work! Wish everyday is holiday.....ha ha! Miss those places we've been for pass 2 weeks!
Okay, back to my kitchen, as usual, got to plan for the weekly menu for my family. Mmmm...wonder what to bake and cook. With all the food taken during holidays really made me look guilty and worse....made me FAT! Ha ha! But i love food.....huh!
Okay with those red-bean paste (from my mum) still sitting in my freezer, so i decided to finish up with those paus. Yeah, its my daughter's favourite.

I used the pau's recipe from my previous post, "vege pau". And it turns out just right for the red-bean...
For those red-bean paste, i'll try it out myself soon, but got to get some advise from my mum first. Hee hee! Stay tune!


  1. Hey Reese,
    You are right! The skin this time is really much better, very soft after steaming. Will follow your recipe next time. ;) Thanks for the buns!

  2. Hi BB,
    You are most welcome!!
    Yeah...Waiting for your 'char siu pau' hee hee!



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