Friday, September 25, 2009

Bamboo Charcoal Buns

What a try!! Its nice...:)
My dear friend got me a bottle of bamboo charcoal powder from Singapore this afternoon. Thinking to make a bread loaf from her recipe, but i will like to have some filling inside and also i want to finished up the sausages in my freezer. Anyway there were only 4 sausages...haha! So made the rest with pork floss instead.
Anyone who is interested with this recipe, can get it from my dear friend, honeybeesweets.
I followed exactly the ingredients there, but only add alittle more whipped cream into it. (about 130ml)

All black!! haha! Looks abit wierd ha, but its delicious and soft.
Those sausages buns will keep for my daughter and my nieces tomorrow when i get back to my hometown. Wonder what will they say...heehee...;p Will they dare to try....haha, you know kids, they prefered something more colourful!
Well, my daughter already told me the sausages buns look like "mm-mm"....hahaha! Maybe the colour of the sausages at each ends and the black in the funny!

But the taste is great for this pork floss rolled bread. I just rolled flat the dough, add some pork floss in the middle then rolled up like a swiss roll. Fantastic!!
Thanks to my friend's recipe and thank you again Bee Bee for the trouble to get the powder for me...:)

This the sausages buns...."****"...haha.. Would like to taste it now, but have to keep for the kids tomorrow. Will get a bite from them...hee hee!...^=^


  1. In whatever life teaches us, one thing we learn well is "Never judge a book by it's cover". So that should also apply to your baking as well. So long as it taste good, looks ain't everything. ;) I am sure those buns taste delicious. ;)

  2. Thank you Bee Bee..:) It really taste good, thanks for the recipe!



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