Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Grilled pork (Char siu) buns / Chicken Curry buns

Buns again! But this time with salty fillings. The result??...Of course very nice!...;p
Wanted to make these quite some time ago, but due to the Raya holiday last week, the plan has been postpone and postpone. Well, i did alittle of baking last few days during the holiday. Yup...those mooncakes for my family, relatives and close friends. Not the classic mooncakes, but the "Shanghai" flaky mooncakes. Photos? Sorry, no photos here cause it was posted quite sometime early this year. Anyway the recipes is from my friend, honeybeesweets. Anyone interested in the mooncakes, can view from her blog.

Okay, back to my buns here..;)
The recipe for the dough is from my previous red bean buns. I used exactly the same amount of ingredients here. For the fillings.. Grilled Pork (Char Siu) was also from my previous post. I just added alittle more water to pan-fry the Char Siu (cut into small chunks) .
The Chicken Curry filling.......

Ingredients (Chicken Curry filling):

1 chicken breast (cut into small chunks)
1 large potato ( cut into small cubes)
5-6 Shallots ( minced)
2-3 Garlic (minced)
1 large Onion ( cut into small cubes)
2 tbsps Meat curry powder
1 tsp Sugar
Alittle salt to taste
3-4 tbsps of water

* Marinate the chicken with the 2 tbsps of curry powder for about 30 minutes.
* Saute the shallots and garlic with alittle oil until fragnant (alittle brown)
* Add in the onion and potato, continue to stir fry until fragnant, then add in the chicken.
* Mix well, then add in the sugar, salt and water. Continue to stir in medium fire.
(Water can be added if its too dry)
* When the potato turned soft, and the chicken cooked, leave it to cool before wrapping.

A few white sesame and almond flakes to deco on top of the buns, this is to differentiate the buns with different fillings. I took 1 each right after baked...;p Just can't wait to try it out!
Love it!

I made 2 portions of the bread dough today...why? I cannot just eat it by myself ha....hee hee!
Shared some with my dear friends just now. They also like it..:) When someone says good to your creations, that is the most happiest moment...agree?
With some left over dough i have, i made some "original" recipe...Red Bean Buns! Well, that's my daughter's favourite though..:) The Char siu buns is highly recommended here, have a try and let me know!


  1. Thanks for taking the trouble to make the char siew and curry chicken filling to produce such delicious buns! You know those you passed to me, only 2 left now...especially since I made bread myself too! ;) Thanks again friend ;)

  2. BB, you are most welcome..:) Glad that you all like it!



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