Thursday, September 3, 2009

Sesame Seed Balls (Chien Tui)

Eat, drink and be happy!! Well, it sounds like " what to bother, just EAT first"..haha! Okay okay, in this post, it doesn't look very healthy, but its YUMMY!! hee hee........;p
Yea, all the deep fry, oily and heaty. Nowadays with all not so good environment, we have to be very careful on our food and stay healthy....
But I've been wanting to eat this for quite some time already....hee hee! So i just give it a try larr...Will drink lots of water after that...:)
Yup! First time making this kuih again...alot of first timer ha....;p There are alot of old-time favourite that i wanted to try, so will go one by one every week larr....haha!

Don't they look nice?!....:) I'll call it "Chien Tui" in cantonese....then i just translated it to English with..."Sesame Seed Balls" ...:) Ha ha!
Found this recipe in 2 different books, so i just mix and match with these 2 recipes.....creative ha? Luckily it didn't burst while frying...hahaha!
Here's the ingredients...

200g Glutinious rice flour
40g Tang flour
1/2 tsp Baking powder
60g Castor sugar
2 tbsps Cooking oil (i used peanut cooking oil)
150ml Water (might not need that much)

For filling:
1) Ready made red bean paste
2) Groundnuts (toasted and grind) + some castor sugar to taste + some cooking oil. Mix all together until it can forms into a small balls, so that it'll be easier to wrap into the dough later.

For coating : Some white sesame seeds

~ Mix ingredients (A) together, then make a well in the centre, add in ingredient (B) except water.
~ Keep mixing with one hand and the other pour the water slowly from ingredient (B) until it forms a dough. Rest the dough in a bowl covered with cling wrap for 30 minutes.
** The dough should be alittle soft, not too that it will not crack when wrapping and frying.
~ Scale the dough into 20g each or any size you desire.
~ Flatten the dough balls and wrap in the fillings. Coat with sesame seeds, press slightly so that the sesame stick properly to the dough.
** May stain dough with a little water if it doesn't stick with the sesame seeds properly.
~ Deep fry for about 5-8 minutes or until golden brown at medium heat.
** Note that if the balls are smaller, it might not need that much time of frying.
~ Remove onto absorbent papers and cool.

This is how the groundnut paste looks like. Its much easier to wrap when its round up into a ball.
For the red bean paste, i just simply spoons into the dough, cause its sticky enough and not so messy when compare to groundnuts.

I didn't stain the balls with water here. Guess my dough is soft enough to stick the sesame after all.

Drop a little red colour to different shape the balls with red beans and groundnuts.

Hmm....all done! Those with groundnuts are more on demand than the red beans...heehee! Luckily i've made enough with groundnuts here..:) Really delicious, crispy outside, sticky and soft inside...yum yum!
More traditional kueh coming up soon....stay tune!!


  1. Hey Reese, thanks for sharing the Jun Dui with us! It's yummy! It's one of my absolute favorite too! I will always order this when I visit a store back in Singapore...will bring u there when u come. ;)

  2. You are welcome BB, Glad you all like it...:)
    Sure, but don't know when i can go visit leh...hmm....hopefully will be there during this X'mas..;p



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