Saturday, September 12, 2009

Special treats

Today is a very special night for me and my friends..:) Must be wondering what is so special ha...hee hee! Well, a night out with friends (only ladies) for dinner then drinking...;p Opps! Yea.....really drinking, that we hopped into pubs..haha!
It has been quite a long time i haven't hang around with friends, i mean having fun hanging around at those pubs, have a drink or two, and some ladies chat. It's actually more than 6 years! Everything had changed, our talks are mostly our kids and husbands, rather than fashions and trends. Hmm....wonder what will we talk about in another 5-6 years ha!
Okay okay, let me upload all the photos that we took just now. Especially the food we ate... yummy!

Here's the restaurant we went,......ALEXIS @ Bangsar...

Nice and cosy place to have dinner then followed by dessert. I have been to this restaurant long long time ago, and its still look the same until today....serving the most delicious cake i love...Tiramisu...:)

Started with a refreshing juice, "Rapsberry-cranberry soda" i think...haha! Forgot about what i ordered.

There are 4 of us, so we ordered 4 different dishes to share. This is "Sauted Button Mushrooms", the creamy thick sauce served with toasted garlic bread.


Then we have the Sarawak Laksa. Hmm...we like this, which the gravy is not too thick, just nice!


Another noodle...but this is a vietnamese style beef noodles, serve with herbs and lime. The meat was tender and soft....... and its a must try. I used to ordered this whenever i was there long time ago. Can't remember exactly how the taste was, but its delicious.
Then here goes our last dish, a western style, very fresh cod fish with baked peaches on top and mashed potatoes underneath.


And finally our dessert.......the 'Tiramisu' cake i adored...hmmmmmmm..:)

With the crunchy caramel + almond nuts covered the cake...WAH....i'm speechless....just simply love it!

After 2 hours of dinner, we wanted to go somewhere that we can have a drink. First we chose to go to the lounge just right up the restaurant, but at last we went to another pub nearby after taking a few pictures from this lounge...hahaha! The waiter must be wondering what these 4 aunties doing there without ordering then dissapeared...wakakaka!!!
Then we walked down the street to "Finnegan's Irish Pub & Restaurant" which one of my friend recommended. Yea, its more like a pub then the one before.
Here it goes...our Magarita...

then, "Singapore Fling and Mai Tai"...Wooo.....never try these before...

I prefered the "Magarita"..;p The other two were like fruits juice to me..hee hee!
I have a great night out, thank you so much Grace, Bee Bee and S'Hoong...i'll cherish our friendship..:) Looking forward for our other night out soon....;p



  1. Happy advance birthday! Thanks for the great company! I wish we could stay longer, but duty calls. :D Yes, shall look forward to our next nite out. ;)

  2. Thanks BB,
    Yea, wish i know you earlier...:)



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