Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cotton Cheese Roll with Mocha Cream

My husband is out of town again, and that means I don't have to work for few days..hehe! Good, then I'll pamper myself with some shopping, meeting with old friends and also alittle pedicure & manicure..haha!
Let's start with some cakes for my supper later.........
I want some cheese cakes, and the same time I want some coffee cakes. Well, at the end I combined both...;p This was the first time I went into a bakery supply store without my list. I just grabbed some cream cheese and butter and hopefully I have everything I need at home..;p When I reached home I just started off with what I have and turn my idea into a swiss roll....a cheese cake roll...LOL!

I'm quite satisfied with the result actually. The texture turns out good and the cheese and coffee I wanted in the cake were there it's DONE!! Let me show you what I did.....;p

The ingredients for the cheese sponge:
120g sugar
6 egg whites
1/4 tsp cream of tartar

50g butter
250g cream cheese
100ml fresh milk
6 egg yolks
1 tbsp lemon juice

60g superfine cake flour
20g corn flour

** 2 tsps cocoa powder (for the flower prints ) ~ optional

First, I melted the cream cheese, butter and milk over a double boiler. Then cool the mixture completely. Then Add in egg yolks and lemon juice and mix well.
Second, I whisk the egg whites with cream of tartar until bubble forms and add in the sugar gradually and whisk until a soft peak forms.
Third, I took out 1 tbsp of egg yolk batter and 1 tbsp of egg white mixture and add with the cocoa powder. Spoon into the piping bag and piped some flower prints on the prepared tray. Bake this flower prints at 180'C preheated oven for 1 minute then remove from oven and set aside.
Fourth, I fold in the egg whites into the egg yolk batter and mix well. Pour onto the prebaked printed flowers and level the top. Back into the oven and bake at 180'C for 20 minutes.

Notice that the steps are similar to the printed Strawberry Swiss Roll? Yeah, I've converted the whole thing here but I realized that the finale bakes for the sponge cannot be 12 minutes. Think its because of the cream cheese added and the sponge needed slightly another 5 minutes.
Lastly, spread the whipped Mocha cream on to the cooled sponge and gently roll up the cake. Please becareful while rolling, this sponge is alittle heavy compare to the normal swiss roll.

Ingredients for the Cream:
1/2 cup non-dairy cream (whipped)
1 tsp mocha paste
1 tsp coffee paste
** Mix everything together and its ready for spreading.

The sponge texture and taste are quite similar to those Japanese Cotton Cheese Cake. It really goes well with the Mocha cream. Trust me, if you like to have a light cheese cake and some coffee cream, this is definitely for you.


  1. I like the little flowers - have been wondering for ages how you guys make it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wah, not bad leh...self created cheesecake roll! Looks very soft and yummy! Indeed a super idea to combine both you love to make such a lovey cake. ;) BTW...where's the hellow kitty ah? heehee...

  3. ~ The Experimental, you are welcome and hope you'll like it..:)

    ~ Bee Bee, the hello kitty still in my cupboard larr...haha! I never thought of making any but at this last minute I just thought that with the simple flower prints, the roll doesn't look so dull lo...;p

  4. very creative, the little flower so cute.

  5. The cheese roll look really soft. I always having problems with the rolling part. It always falls apart on me. Did you let the cake to cool down completely before rolling it or like some recipes it requires you to roll it while it is still warm?

  6. ~ Amelia, thank you...:)

    ~ Gertrude, I didn't do a good job in this cheese roll too, it has alittle crack here and there, probably it was too heavy. Btw, I always cool the cake completely before rolling.

  7. friend, you are very creative huh, adding cream cheese to the sponge, it can imagine how light is this and love the coffee cream too.

  8. ~ Sonia, tq..hehe! I so falling in love with the sponge try and see...(^.-)

  9. are so creative...I want to try making this too :) but I find it challenging . I think I am inspired by you and BeeBee with her bees and flower swiss roll :) Thanks for sharing the recipe :)

  10. Elin, you are most welcome with the recipe. I'm also inspired by you with all the western recipes..:)

  11. hello, this is exactly what I was looking for :)...just plz tell me what is the size of your tray? thx

    1. Hi neda,
      The pan I used is 10x14" swissroll pan.

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