Wednesday, July 6, 2011

DIY Bread Pizza

Lazy to cook? Maybe you can try this!!
I always prepare lunch for my daughter before she goes to school but yesterday I was too lazy to cook and I have run out of idea what to cook for her. It seems everyday served her with rice and noodles are boring. Then she suggested that we order a pizza for her lunch. After a few thoughts, I was thinking why not she make her own pizza instead! She was so excited and looking forward to the bakes...hehe! Since I want to make it simple, we used some white bread instead of making her the pizza dough...;p Well, it turned out great, and she loves it!!!

Okay, the preparation....I only prepared some white bread, some pasta tomato sauce, a small onion (diced), some luncheon meat (diced), sausages and shredded mozzarella cheese. First she rolled the bread into thin slice...real thin one so that it'll be very crispy after bake.
(Shown below)
Then...spread spread spread with the pasta sauce!

Then she added all the prepared ingredients, well she doesn't like the onion much..haha! After the 1st slice, she came with the idea of making faces on the pizza..:) Kids always like cute things..:D

Lastly she sprinkled as much cheese as she can (oh she loves cheese), and in the oven they go!
Bake that for 10 minutes at 200'C and they were ready to serve.

See the funny face (below) after baked?! ...LOL!! It was out of shape when the cheese started to melt...;p
Think your little ones may like this idea of preparing their own meal. Kids always like to do adult things..don't you agree?..hehe!



  1. Hey Friend, got a question, can I don't roll the bread flat? I think I like a fluffier bite rather then thi& n crispy. Thinking of doing it over the weekend with my kiddos. :) normally they just help me sprinkle topping over the dough. But they kept telling each other that they made pizza in school, so I guess I can let them DIY at home too. :)

  2. Bee Bee,
    You are much better than me la...haha! I think should be fine if don't roll the bread, but maybe try not to spread too much tomato sauce on it. The bread may soak the sauce and becomes too soft...right? That's what I think la..hehe!

  3. Hahaha got fantastic ideas when you are lazy :p Great for me too...when I am too lazy to cook for WB and myself :)

  4. Great idea to use up unfinished white bread too.

  5. Elin,
    Thank you..haha! Think this is fun and easy and another way of eating pizza..LOL!!

    Yea, you are right! maybe you should do it too..haha!



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