Saturday, July 2, 2011

Hakka Stuffed Beancurd (Hakka Yong Tau Fu)

Yesterday my hubby just came back from his 1 week business trip and insisted he wants dinner at home and requested something soupy. Well, I've thought of few dishes and at the end I came up with my mum's recipe...hakka yong tau fu. This is our favorite since I was a little girl. Actually this recipe was adapted from my grandmother and my grandfather was actually selling this when he was young. Anyway, according to my mother, the recipe has been modified to suit our taste. And for so many years, this was my first attempt for it. The taste was good and the fillings were nice but its not as delicious as my mum's..;p

It took me half a day preparing the soup and stuffed the fillings into the beancurds and others but it really worth it. At least they finished all of it and even drank all the soup..:) And the most satisfying words from my daughter..."Yummy, I like this mummy"!!
Ingredients for the fillings:
200g Mackerel ( I used spanish mackerel) ~ Scraped out the flesh, make into small balls and soaked i salt water
50g minced pork (with fats)
2 tsps salted fish (panfry & mashed)
dash of pepper and salt to taste

~ Drain the fish paste and mix into minced pork. Mix in pepper and salt to taste. Set aside.

Ingredients for the soup:
The above Mackerel bone
50g yellow beans
5-6 cups water
1 tbsp fish sauce

~ Toast the yellow beans until slightly brown and washed clean.
~ Pan fry the fish bone and beans with a little oil until fragnant.
~ Pour in water and bring to boil. At low heat simmer for 30 mins.

Stuffed the fillings in all the prepared taufu, brinjals, bitter gourd, red chili, lady fingers...etc.
You can even make the fillings into small balls like fish balls. Then pan fry with some oil before putting them into the pot of soup. Note that for the white tau fu, just pan fry where the fillings were been stuffed.
Then about the brinjals, splash some light soy sauce in the pan when its almost done. Dish up and its ready to serve.
This dish is nice to serve with white steamed rice or noodles. Of course its good enough to go by its own...:)
We had a wonderful dinner last night and we were too full to have any desserts..hehe! Guess my daughter was the most happiest one, besides her favorite meal she had a big surprise gift from her daddy's trip! Me ah...a few packs of pepper...:(

Have a nice weekend...!!


  1. Hmm, look so yummy! Thanks for sharing your mum's recipe. I must try this very soon.

  2. I have always wanted to try yong tau fu...! Looks so good!

  3. Sonia,
    Yeah, this is good. Try and let me know ya...:)

    Cooking Gallery,
    Thanks! I've always wanted to try too, and I did...hehe!

  4. My Hakka neighbour also added pork into their yongtoufu, she told me it's hakka style. But hers has 5 spice powder added in too.

  5. Wendy,
    How are you? Yea, Hakka style did added pork into the fillings but 5 spice powder...I never heard about that before. Maybe its another type of Hakka..hehe!

  6. Nicely done Reese. You are making me very hungry early in the morning. I see that you add salted fish to the filling. Is this typical for Hakka YTF? My mom only add pork to it.

  7. Hi Gertrude,
    Yea, added salted fish into the fillings was my mum's recipe. Anyway I've read some hakka recipe books and they did add salted fish. Infact it tastes nicer...:D

  8. Oh wow! What a delicious dinner!  you such a good wife & mummy leh! Although it's quite a bit of work but I agree with you it's all worth it! Furthermore it's very healthy too! Yum! Thanks for sharing this, I think I should learn how to make tong dao Fu too. 

  9. Heehee...Bee Bee, this is not difficult for you la. I just cooked this for 3 of us so its not that bad, but my mother used to cook for all of...that I think I can't..haha!

  10. Eh, today I saw another recipe of Hakka YTF, and instead of 5spice, her recipe called for ground cumin.
    Then yesterday I ate some bought ones, there were spices in there, but I tot they were 5spice(due to my neihgbour) but I found they don't smell like it, until today I saw that recipe using cumin. Cumin really makes it very good leh.

  11. Oh is it? But salted fish already gave the filling very strong taste already leh. Did they add salted fish from what you ate? Anyway any thing can be added to their own preference..;)



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