Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Black Sesame Steamed Buns / Paus (黑之麻包)

Its August and most of the parents are quite busy with their kids preparing for their 3rd term examinations. But not me!! I'm still so relax and enjoying my time because my daughter has no exam this term. Is it good or bad? I think its bad and I think most of the parents who has their kids in Pre1 will think that. The syllabus for this year's Pre1 has been adjusted and it has becomes more simple instead. Just imagine, my daughter came home from school and told me.."mummy, I like this school so much because I don't have to do any homework!!" I was like..."oh dear". Those kids nowadays are so smart and bright, with this changes, I think they'll get lazy instead. We parents got to do something!!

Oh well, back to my purpose here..hehe! My post today is Steamed Buns/ Paus . My mum gave me a box of red beans paste last weekend which was made by her. I always like her red beans paste, not so sweet and oily but just nice for my buns.

Then I've adapted a new found recipe of steamed buns. Its super soft and fluffy. Trust me, its really good!

Instead of plain ones, I've added some black sesame into the dough. Oh I love the aroma of the black sesame, and it matches the paste so well..:) But my hubby's reaction was like...."Eeee, they look so dirty"!!!...LOL Anyway he still eat without complain..haha!

Okay, recipe ......adapted from the book Don Yong~ Celebrity Chef Cookbooks

150g Pao flour (low gluten flour)
150g plain flour
15g double baking powder
8g black sesame powder
9g instant yeast
80g sugar
150g cold water
30g shortening
350g red bean paste (might not need that much)

~ Mix all dry ingredients together in a mixer with a dough hook at low speed until well blended.
~ Add in water slowly until dough forms. Mix at low speed for about 2 minutes.
~ Add in shortening and mix on medium speed for about 6 minutes until dough is half developed.
~ Transfer dough onto a flour-dusted work surface and round up. Cover and leave to proof for 45 minutes. (texture after 45 mins was like the picture shown above)
~ Roll out dough and fold into half and roll again, repeat this 6-8 times until the dough is smooth.
~ Leave dough for 15 mins and divide into 30g or 40g pieces. (depends individual)
~ Round up and leave dough pieces for another 10 mins.
~ Roll out each piece of dough and wrap in fillings.
~ Sealed tight and place on a baking paper.
~ Arrange the buns in a steamer at least 2cm apart and prove for 30 minutes.
~ Steam on high heat for 12-15 mins.

Well, this recipe is easy and takes a short time to prepare compared to the last one I did. I like all the recipes I tried, and I'll continue looking for more steaming buns recipe.
Have a peep at the texture below....nice!

The portion of this recipe yells 15 medium ones. I should try this dough again soon for some other fillings before I find another new one...;p Hope you guys like this and do let me know how you find this recipe..:)



  1. Hello...this is my first time...this black sesame steam pau look so yummy!!

  2. I always prefer making steamed buns than baking bread, haha. Less work and lower risk.
    My kids also prefer steamed ones than baked.

  3. Looks very soft indeed! Ok, will try your bao recipe next time. Hey, no exam is good, definitely. Take time off to enjoy your free time! 

  4. Hi 蓝色小厨,
    Thank you hope you like it..:)

    Ya, easy and yummy!! My girl loves steamed too..:)

    Bee Bee,
    Thank you, go go try..hehe! Ya lo, so relax until I got bored la...;p

  5. Reese..I am sold ! I would definitely try this out :) it looks soft , fluffy and yummy good with the homemade red bean paste. I want to try this out but first let me get the black sesame powder :) Thanks for the recipe and will come back to you once I have try it out...take care and don't worry about your gal, I am sure she is doing fine in her studies..every mom's anxiety no doubt when there is no homework :p

  6. Elin,
    You are most welcome, and you must let me know how you like this ya..hehe! As Bee Bee said, enjoy my free time without school exams..haha! It seems when kids having exams, we (parents) are the one get stress! Ok, I'll relax and bake more then share more here...;p

  7. Hi there, I love steamed buns a lot & yours look really nice & fluffy. Slurp....
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Hi Gloria & Kristy,
    Thank you! Hope you ladies will try it out too..:)

  9. Hi

    Instead of 8g black sesame seed powder, what can I replace it with?


  10. Hi delphine,
    If you don't like the black sesame powder, you can just ignore it and add less water, lets say 145g cold water instead. But just remember to add the water slowly while kneading into a dough. You may have to adjust the amount of water due to the dryness of the flour.
    If you find this is too troublesome, maybe you can have alook at my other plain pau recipe.....
    Happy Baking!!



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