Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Glutinious Rice balls (loh mei chi) / 红豆黑罗米

Mmm.....sweet sweet dessert! Long for this yummy kueh and the red bean soup for quite some time. Remember when i was a kid, there was an aunty selling all sort of kuehs in front of my house in her bicycle every Sunday morning. Then my dad will give us his order, and we'll queue to buy. I love those days....:)
This is one of the kueh i love, and i still buy it once awhile from the hawker stall or 'pasar malam'.
Never try to make since few years ago after my mum did. Wonder what to do with those peanuts left from the previous 'Sesame Balls' i made last few days. Then i thought of this 'Glutinious Rice Balls' aka 'Loh Mei Chi' in cantonese. So i called up my mum and got the recipe from her. Not very sure where she got this recipe from, but its quite easy to prepare. So i just start up in my kitchen today.;p

Yup! The result is satisfying....:) Everybody loves it! But after biting, it'll left your mouth the white powder...haha!
Here's the recipe....

400g Glutinious Rice flour
100g Blended Rice flour
100g Sugar
1 tbsp Cooking oil
600ml Water

1 cup Blended rice flour (for coating)- Stir-fry only this flour at low heat for 10-15 mins until
light and fluffy. Then keep aside to cool.

Toasted groundnuts (grind till fine) and sugar to taste. Mix all together.

~ Put all ingredients (A) in a big bowl and mix well
~ Sieve the mixture into a greased tray (i used a 9" round tray) and steamed at medium heat for 25 minutes.
~ Cool slightly, spoons out a tbsp full of the sticky paste on to a sheet of non-stick paper or a clean plastic paper. ( i used small thick quality plastic bags)
~ Then used another sheet of the plastic paper or non-stick paper to cover the top and flatten the paste.
~ Remove the top sheet, then spoon in the fillings. Wrap gently until totaly sealed.
** Note that its very sticky, so may use a scraper to help.
~ Coat with the cooked Blended Rice Flour and serve.

This is how i coated the balls with the cooked rice flour. It doesn't matter if the balls are not round in shape. Anyway its quite difficult to make into perfect round shape cause its very very sticky.
**Also note that when wrapping, do not rub the paste or hands with the cooked rice flour, this may cause difficulty on sealling the balls.


And this the red bean soup.....红豆黑罗米......
I added some black glutinious rice into the red bean to have a more smooth texture. When serving, i also added some fresh coconut milk, hmm....this will make the dessert alittle more thicker. What do you think?....hee hee!

The white patch here is the coconut milk i added...:) Look a little weird ha....but taste very good.
The ingredients.....
2 cups of red beans (cleaned and boil with 2 cups of water, then rinse)
1/2 cup of black glutinious rice
5 pandan leaves
600ml of water
~ Bring to boil all ingredients and lower the heat to simmer for an hour.
~ Add in sugar (i used honeycomb sugar) and serve
**Add alittle fresh coconut milk if desire

See the beans and the rice....yummy! Its both delicious whether to serve it hot or cold. I can't wait to have another bowl now. Ha ha! .....Enjoy..:)


  1. Thanks for the red bean soup plus glutinous peanut balls! The coconut milk mixed into the thick creamy bean soup, super nice! ;) BTW, I like it cold, heehee. :D Thanks for sharing.

  2. You are most welcome! So surprise that Cheryl likes the glutinious balls too...:) Yup! Cold is nice for the red bean...but i prefered hot..hee hee!



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